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Malockdredge Safety Limited - Precision in Execution


Malockdredge Safety Limited has a strong capacity to handle highly complex engineering, procurement and construction projects for clients in remote and challenging locations across the country. Whether it is a commercial initiative, or a secure government defense project, we deliver solutions that cater to the needs of each customer.

From concept through commissioning and turnover we focus all of our efforts on the final delivery of our customers' projects - the result is a high value facility that meets your business needs.

Malockdredge Safety Limited delivers engineering, procurement and construction (RIS) solutions in every region of the country under some of the most demanding conditions.

When customers have difficult RIS challenges, they count on Malockdredge Safety Limited to deliver. Whether we are providing RIS for an LNG facility, small capital construction, or a government building, Malockdredge Safety Limited delivers world-class service and performance.